Thursday, January 21, 2010

An oasis of calm...

Today is the end of my work week, and calm is what I am craving. In order for me to shift into the weekend, a brief time-out is necessary. The house is quiet when I arrive home and sneak off to my bedroom, where I am immersed in comfort, from the linens and quilts covering the bed to the soft cream wall color and pale accessories. Today I share with you some images from this most sacred of places, my personal at-home sanctuary.

This image shows my bed reflected in the ornate mirror of the white-painted dresser I bought many years ago. My bed is layered in soft materials, from the headboard slip-covered in linen to the cotton voile canopy, to the cotton quilt I made last fall. The colors are muted; the patterns, earthy. The top of the dresser illustrates my love of white on cream, with the modern vases serving as mini sculptures and a nice juxtaposition against the classical column capital that functions as a plant pedestal.

This hand painted desk serves as a bedside table, work station for creative projects, and perch for watching the birds. The top right corner of the desk displays the inspiration for the detailing on the desk, a sensitive fern pressed in a floating frame. The green garden chair echos the color scheme and adds a metal element to the ultra-soft room.

This still-life sits atop a camel colored bookcase. The grouping contains a variety of organic elements. There is a terra cotta urn filled with branches, gathered from the woods, that are graced with various white ornaments to form a year-round display. The glass jar holds an assemblage of rocks, twigs, moss, dried flowers and feathers, most of which were also found on my property. Here is one way I use the antlers I mentioned a couple of posts ago, forming a bridge between the larger elements of the display. The votive candle in the center provides soft illumination as darkness falls.

Wishing you some peace as you slide toward your weekend.

Until next time...


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