Thursday, January 28, 2010

A beautiful example of urban country chic...

The house of the day is from House Beautiful. It is a 1950's ranch that has been updated to shine like an oasis of serenity, illustrating that even that most boring of architectural styles has promise.

Come join me for a guided tour.

The dining room hosts a mix of styles and players in its overall scheme. My favorites are the sexy chandelier, the rough plaster walls and the long farm table. The room is loaded with natural light and garden views. The table settings are simple and straightforward. Notice how the white bistro chairs and flowers on the table underscore the room's proximity to the garden.

The living room is a study in simplicity, but the use of dark wood accents and candlelight keep it feeling warm and inviting. It, too, is bathed in natural light. The use of space creates a sense of peacefulness.

The kitchen boasts marble in the backsplash and countertops. The farmhouse sink and simple, open shelving create a timeless feel in this modern space. Notice the mesh inserts in the lower cabinet doors. This adds some rough texture to the sleek materials and appliances. I love the high-arching bridge faucet.

This view down the hallway shows the variety of materials and textures that grace this house. The smooth, polished concrete floors harmonize with the wood plank walls. The antique-looking sconce adds a cozy element to offset the modern feel here.
In this library, books play the starring role. Their colors and bindings really stand out against the white walls and trim, allowing them to shine. With minimal distractions in the decor, it would be so easy to slip into a favorite novel and lose oneself for awhile.

The master bathroom continues the decorative themes--white, light and texture. There is an abundance of natural light in this room and direct access to the outdoors. I imagine a long soak in this gorgeous tub, taken at night, with the door propped open to allow me to hear the falling rain. Ah, true bliss!

The master bedroom is sweetly serene. The touches in this room are more feminine and delicate, ensuring not only comfort, but real luxury. Notice the ruffles on the comforter, the tufted headboard, the curvy chairs, and the bouquet of pink roses. The flooring and rug here blend with the soft color scheme. Natural light wakes sleepers gently to the dawning of a new day.

Even in the most modern and boxy spaces, this design aesthetic lends a warmth, an airiness, and a quiet spohistication.
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  1. Oh, I want a library with a ladder so badly! I wish I could just grab that image off the screen and put it in my house.


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