Saturday, January 30, 2010

Something white...

A dose of fresh whites to beighten your day. White rooms, done right, are timeless and clean. They fit any style of architecture, from mid-century modern to Italianate. White soothes the eye. The layers of fabric, texture, and mix of materials engages it. With so many shades and of white--cream, sand, milk, eggshell, vanilla, fog, snowdrop-- it is impossible to go wrong. They all harmonize together, like a tone poem. These images from Country Living illustrate that point.

Join me for a meditation on white....

This living room showcases the more practical aspect of white decor with its liberal use of slipcovers. These are easily tossed in the wash for a quick cleaning. They need no folding or pressing to look crisp. The rumples only add to the sense of comfort and ease this room provides. Notice the worn finishes on the furniture to add some rustic flavor. Notice also the mirrors climbing the stairwell. These bounce the light around and enhance the sense of space.

This dining room entices with its collection of iron stone in shades of cream and white against the sky blue backdrop. I love the mixed seating around the table, some casual and some more formal, kind of like the guests who come to dinner parties. Each brings a unique personality to the table. The floral centerpiece and chandelier add luxury.

This mix of buttons illustrates that even simple things can comprise a lovely still-life when displayed in clear glass containers and grouped together. Plus I just adore buttons!

This image shows more of that classic combination--white stone ware set against a mix of materials. It complements chipped paint and stone finishes.

This mantel is simply stunning. Notice the layers of mirrors and pitchers of crisp, white blooms. The enamelware adds a untilitarian note. I am enamored the ethereal look of this composition. It is a room I would like to step into and just daydream for awhile.
I encourage you to try to find ways to pay tribute to white, the most versatile of colors. You will be pleased you did!
Until next time...

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