Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What I am longing for...

On this dreary January day, all I see when looking outside the window are shades of brown. The deciduous trees dotting the lawn, although elegant in their sculptural form, range from ebony oaks to taupe tulip poplars. The grass looks as if bitten by rust. And the sky is a non-descript grayish white.

Today I am longing for some color and sunshine to warm me up. The purple silk dress I am wearing must have inspired me to find some other way to echo its radiance. In my archives there were pictures I had taken last spring which seem to fulfill this craving for color.

This fledgling clematis is showing its periwinkle face to the rays of dappled sunshine smiling down on it. Behind the clematis is a bald cypress tree that plays host to a prolific Virginia creeper.

My garden gate and the path leading up to the front porch are warmed by the sun. The walkway is lined by perennial and herb beds. Old fashioned irises on the right welcome visitors. The beds to the left support catmint, lambs ears, thyme, and St. John's wort. Candle lanterns gently light the path as evening falls.

This is another view of the perennial bed in front of the porch. It is filled with irises, day lilies, peonies, shasta daisies, and roses. The urn on the pedestal is freshly planted with lavender pansies. In the background are more tree trunks covered in Virginia creeper. It is a vine native to this area that provides an extra layer of greenery and structure to the plantings.

This bed behind the sunroom sponsors a multitude of early-blooming Virginia bluebells and wild sweet William, both native to this part of the U.S. Each year they become more dense. I love their soft color and old-timey names. As you can see, an occasional dandelion pops up as well.
I hope this mini tour of my spring garden has brightened your day and staved off the cabin fever that often settles in this time of the year.
Sending you dreams of springtime and sunshine.
Until next time...

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  1. Anne~I adore your blog. Thanks for the mini tour of your spring garden. The garden gate and pathway did wonders for my soggy winter spirit. Beautiful.


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