Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dreamy kitchens...

Who doesn't have a dream kitchen in mind? We all want a kitchen that has enough storage for all our necessities, enough counterspace to spread out and get busy, enough natural light to be welcoming at all times of the day, and enough beauty to make even clean up chores a delight. My own kitchen is almost there, but a few finishing touches are still needed before I share the pictures with you. For the time being, I hope these kitchens from Costal Living will suffice.

In this kitchen, there is a wonderful mix of materials, with the use of both painted and natural wood, the clever storage tucked inder the staircase, the wide plank flooring. Notice the tiny AGA cooker in a sunny yellow and the range hood that looks like a chimney cap. The free-standing island is the perfect height for food prep. and keeps the space airy and bright.

This kitchen has a bit more color than I usually like, but it is soft enough to read as neutral. The green cabinetry harmonizes well with the stained plank walls. I am taken with the beadboard cabinets, the light fixture above the sink, and the open shelves.

This kitchen also has a bit of color, but it looks wonderfully fresh and doesn't compete with the subtle detailing. Notice the front of the refrigerator, which looks like an old-fashioned pie safe... a very clever way to add a touch of rusticity to this otherwise refined space. I also like the transom above the door, the plank walls, and the wicker accents. The open shelves at the end of the island keep it from looking gargantuan.

This kitchen has the soothing colors I crave. The cabinetry resembles built in furniture, giving the room a more cozy attitude. Notice the arched upper cabinet on the right, which in this case, adds a refined note to a fairly rustic room. The light fixture above the island is sublime, as is the daylight being emitted from the expansive windows.

Wishing you happy kitchen dreams.

Until next time...


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