Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And so it begins...

Welcome Home!

Webster's New American College Dictionary defines home as: "(hom) n. 1. the house, etc., where one resides; one's native land. "

To me, a home is more than just a place of dwelling. It is a sanctuary from the huge, and sometimes brutal, outside world. It is a sacred space where only those dearest to my heart are allowed access. It is an outward expression of my deepest desires, my highest aspirations, and my latest creative endeavors. A home is an evolving entity that mirrors one's own evolutionary process. I invite you to join me as this process unfolds.

A study in textures...

My house is rich in texture. This hangs in the sunroom, a space we designed and built ourselves. I love the old barn wood of this window against these walls, which were coated with joint compound to mimic old plaster. The curly-leaved, cascading plant adds an element of life. The mottled gourd, given to me by a friend, seems to fit right into this earthy display.

This votive holder, with its punched bronze also looks lovely against the textured walls. It is sitting atop a rusted metal box that serves as an end table in the sunroom.

These antlers, shed in my woods by the ever-present white-tailed deer, were a lucky find. They are as beautiful and varied in color and form as sea shells. I use them throughout the house to add an organic note to displays.

In neutral decor, textures provide needed contrast to keep the look warm and inviting. Some of my favorites include: cable knit throws, sisal rugs, silk throw pillows next to wool ones, matelasse spreads, quilts, terra cotta urns filled with bare branches.

Until next time...


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