Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A bright cottage re-do...

This little carriage house, featured in Country Home April 2007, is of my favorite makeovers. The house went from dark and cramped to light, bright, and open. It is a prime example of how small spaces can live large.

Come with me as I tour this delightful little home.

This living room has that combination of elements I rave about: natural light, natural materials, painted wood plank walls, a mixture of fabrics and textures. It speaks of springtime, of languid days strolling through gardens, of sipping tea with friends, of napping in the sunshine. Notice how the playful use of color accents the space to create a cheery feeling.

This arrangement of the simple wooden console table and wall art above it ties together all the elements of natural style. Notice the nature-themed art, the lagre-scale mirror propped against the wall, the wicker-covered bottles, and the glass accents. These add subtle detailing in a room bright with color. Turquoise is used to tone down the apple green and rose-petal pink that dominate the scheme.

The dining space, carved out of the living room, expounds delicately on these themes. The wicker chairs, painted wood walls, sisal rug, bare wood table, and linen table runners all add rich notes of texture. The framed botanicals add another natural accent. A simple centerpiece of flowers in clear glass vessels and fruit in a ceramic bowl adds some livelihood and continues the color scheme of the living area.

The kitchen contains glorious windows which flood it with natural light. The materials, colors, and floor plan are simple and timeless. The turquoise accents from the living space become more dominant here in the kitchen. I love the wine-rack built into the lower cabinets. Notice the free-standing shelf, which eliminates the need for upper cabinets and keeps the room open and bright.

The bathroom exhibits old-fashioned charm, announced by the french doors that lead into it. I simply adore the claw-foot tub. The rustic tubside stool adds warmth. The blues and greens in this space are toned-down and soothing. What a great place to take a bubble bath!

I hope you have enjoyed this tour as much as I have. May this home inspire your creativity for ways to maximize usability and livability in small spaces.

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