Monday, March 29, 2010

And now for something a little different...

Today I am expressing my love for both black and white photography and fine architecture. The photos here were taken by me last summer in Nashville, Tennessee. They showcase different aspects of the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, home to the Nashville Symphony Orchestra. This is a fairly new building built in the grand Greek Revival style. It is located a few blocks off the beaten path, so no one else was around the day I took the photos. I like the think of these images as building portraits.

This is my favorite one. It was incredibly sunny that day and the light made the water shimmer like stardust.

The courtyard... This would be a dreamy spot for a wedding, don't you think?

Fountains at the front of the structure. The sound of water is everywhere. Notice the trademark columns off to the left, the hallmark of the style.

Benches always draw me in. They seem to invite comtemplation whether one is seated there or not.

The symmetry of these benches is soothing to me. Formal elements such as this provide rhythm in a landscape.

More columns support the loggia that protects to the courtyard. Notice additional benches and the sculpture in the distance.

A view of the back facade.

Detail of a ground level window.

A view of the Schermerhorn Center from a window across the street. Yes, I'll admit it... I stalked this building.

A close-up of the columns and the masonry. Look at those hanging lanterns! I find them ultimately impressive.

And lastly...

a couple of photos showing how I display this passion in my home.

Here is a picture of the mantel in my dining room, proclaiming my love of black and white. This is a mixture of some pictures taken by me and some taken by my daughter, an award-winning, accomplished young photographer. The fireplace is non-functional at present, so I set up a mirror in the back of the firebox and reflective surfaces in front of it and then added flame-colored minilights draped over branches to create a warm glow.

A huge matted print of the wall fountain photograph presides over my living room.

I hope you have enjoyed this departure from the usual as much as I have. The wonderful thing about interior design is that it allows a person to blend and express her many passions, as you can see here.

Until next time...



  1. Anne, your photographs are wonderful. I love architecture also. Your blog is so peaceful and beautiful, I love it here. Take Care, Carrie

  2. really loved the black and whites. some of the loveliest images I have seen in a while...


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