Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rain drops on roses...

Rainy spring days have a beauty all their own. The air smells sweet and rich. The drops fall softly on newly opened leaves and add grace notes to velvety petals. If the air is still, you may catch a glimpse them before they slide off to nurture root systems, tender sprouts and inhabitants of the soil.

The images posted here today were taken on a windless rainy day in early May last year. I crept through wet grass to sneak up on unsuspecting raindrops while they still glistened in the morning light. And so, basically I created a photographic study of the raindrop.

a budding rose

a pale bearded iris

a summer snowflake viburnum

leaves of day lily and iris

a voluptuous pink peony

more bearded iris

leaf of a lady's mantle

a white pansy

In memory of Josephine, who loved her life among the flowers.

Some of my favorite things are just beyond my front door. I encourage you to explore your own little corner of the globe and hope that you, too, will find some of your very own favorite things close at hand.

Until next time...


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  1. Its so beutiful!!!!! Lovely pictures! Thank you soooo much for the award!!!! Im so happy=) Many hugs Johanna


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