Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A toast to green

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today I am celebrating that most natural color of all-- green. I snapped some photos of a green-accented corner in my sunroom and some of the greening going on in the world outside.

Emerald, olive, kiwi, lime, forest, moss, apple, sage, cerulean, jade, chartreuse, seafoam, mint, pea... Green is certainly one of the most versatile colors (next to white, of course). There is a shade of green to compliment all other colors, regardless of their warmth, level of saturation, lightness or darkness. One of my favorite combinations is a crisp, apple green with aged wood tones. I also love sage with taupe and light gray.

In my sun room, a wicker chair in the palest green blends right in. The window behind the stacked-box side table was purchased for a couple of dollars at a yard sale. I love to use disgarded architectural pieces as free-standing sculpture. The hosta leaf birdbath was cast in concrete by a friend.

Another view with more fern foliage for accent.

Notice all the different whites in this image. They range from clear and bright to warm and comforting. And they all look splendid with a variety of greens.

A chinodoxia peeks above the leaf litter as the bleeding heart to the left begins to emerge.

A solitary daffodil, one of the first of the season.

More daffodils on the way.

Daylilys are making their presence known.

I wish you a day filled with green thoughts. In my part of the world, spring is finally here. I hope this inspires you to add do a little greening of your own.

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