Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A visual feast...

Today I am craving beauty. Some days this need becomes almost physical, where there is an aching in the pit of my stomach. Somewhere within my soul there is a sense of depletion, a longing for nourishment. And for me, a connection to objects of beauty serves this purpose. Images like this bowl of cherries are evocative. Memories of cherries past come to mind (and so does the scrumptious cherry cobbler I made one summer from the bounty of my neighbor's tree... mmm)! I love the play of light and shadow on the burgundy fruits. A simple white bowl is the perfect backdrop.

Come along and immerse yourself in the gorgeous world of Arcobaleno ( These rooms are deeply mysterious. They seem at once ancient and freshly modern. They are not spaces to hurry through, but to places to linger and allow oneself to be engulfed, as if immersed in a fine work of art or music, literature or poetry.

The stone here evokes a connection to the past. Stone gives interior spaces a sense of permanence and indestructibility, and so creates a feeling of stability. The baroque candelstick in the right center provides a darkly dramatic note to the serenity of this space. This room has an uncluttered feel and just enough well-chosen accents to keep things interesting.

My favorite kitchen element...simple, white dishes on open shelves. The metal brackets look aged and are reflected in the tile walls.

This dining space has a great connection to the outdoors through the huge windows and bountiful centerpiece. The built-in cupboard lends stature. Dainty chairs are gathered round a rustic table. The stone floors are timeless and elegant. And that chandelier is true perfection.

More open shelves against a tiled wall and dozens of pretty, white bowls.

Another view of the living space. Worn sidelights elegantly frame this scene. The beams and ceiling trusses give the room added definition and create a sense of gravity in such a high-ceilinged room. The mix of warm grays, taupes, and whites makes me swoon.

A lovely tabletop vignette. Stone, iron, and glass create a sense of something ancient. The grapes add life.

Textures play a starring role in these photos, where colors are muted and faded. Now I am sufficiently inspired to go and create some beauty in my own home. I hope you are, too!
Until next time...

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