Sunday, March 7, 2010

Inspired by roses (and the occasional peony)

image: Anne Hammett
I am in love with roses! Their many petals are a mystery to me, as is their intoxicating fragrance. And just as with people, no two are alike. There is a David Austin rose bush in my front yard that has some blush-colored blossoms on half of it, while the other half reverted to its parent-type and has blooms that are a bold crimson. In reality, all of us have this sort of dual nature present within ourselves. It takes courage to let it all flower at the same time!
Today you will find some photographic studies of roses (and one peony) that came from my yard, along with rooms that pay homage to this queen among flowers. It is indeed possible to indulge both a longing for floral patterns and a need for calm, neutral interiors, that duality I mentioned earlier.

Come along and see what I mean.

image: Anne Hammett

Late summer roses from my garden in a stoneware pitcher.

image: Anne Hammett

A single stem in a mottled silver serving dish.

image: Anne Hammett
An "iceberg" rose rests on the piano.

Let's see how to translate my adoration of the rose to interior spaces...

image: Better Homes and Gardens

This bedroom shows creative re-use of flea-market finds against a simple, white background. Floral pillows and a floral quilt add a touch of springtime to the room. The florals are tone-on-tone and not abundantly colorful, which makes them quieter.

image: Better Homes and Gardens

A French-style sofa on the front porch is surrounded by pots of blooming plants. The soft blues works well in an outdoor space with the colorful blossoms and it echos the color of the skies.

image: Better Homes and Gardens

This room is warm-toned and comfy, with a nod to roses on the pillow embellishments.

image: House Beautiful

The floral toile on the cozy chairs adds pattern subtly. The pitcher of flowers and tray of fruit provide notes of life and vibrancy.

image: Better Homes and Gardens

These florals are soft and aged. They add depth to the scene without taking control. I love chocolate brown paired with gray.

image: Atlanta Bartlett
This dining room is soothing in pale pinks, taupe and touches of gray. Floral curtains are still soft and quiet enough to look at home in this pretty space.

I hope this has offered you a glimpse into ways touches of floral fabrics can provide some soulfulness to your rooms, while still maintaining the serenity of neutral schemes.

Until next time...

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