Thursday, March 18, 2010

Simply scandinavian

Scandinavian design is something I have admired for years. In a part of the world where light is a precious commodity, they have perfected the art of harnessing and amplifying what is available. They do not shy away from white in all its many variations. And their interiors are richer for it.
In perusing a beautifull Norwegian blog,, I stumbled upon a link to a Danish company that puts out a magazine and sells home furnishings and accessories. The company is called Jeanne d'arc Living: I could not believe the treasure trove of eye candy there! The magazine is now printed in English; however, they are unable to sell their wares in America for some reason. It was worth a stop there just to see the images that sport their merchandise. The photos are tastefully styled and accessorized in that inimitable Scandinavian way. All images today come from this beautiful site.

Whites, wood, gray and green.... it doesn't get any prettier than that!

I am drawn to the aged mirror and the pitcher of white lilacs.

Chandeliers in the garden add such a luxurious note.

Loads of white with black accents, including the light fixture. Lovely contrast.

Linen pillow covers paired with white and iron are like a simple summer salad--fresh, light and crisp.

I love the mesh covering the door and the scrubbed table top.

Spare and simple.

The mirror propped in the corner is an unexpected touch.

What a gorgeous spot to pen one's poetic masterpiece.

A lush exterior frames the view into a serene indoor space. Notice those french doors, both inside and out. Beautiful!
I strive to bring some of this esthetic into my own home. The rooms here never appear cluttered and yet have enough to keep my eye roving and involved. Of course, I also admire the serenity of the spaces. In this hectic, modern world, I crave calm, and my home must be the one place where that craving is fulfilled.

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of Scandinavian design.
Until next time...

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