Monday, March 8, 2010

Modern Serenity

Today I bring you something a little different. My taste in furnishings tends to run toward things that are old, worn, mis-matched, and, perhaps, a little frilly. There is, however, another side of me that craves utter simplicity. The rooms here (all from Better Homes and Gardens) pay tribute to the basics of design: color, form, line, and contrast. When pared down to these bare essentials, spaces become incredibly calming, almost meditative in nature.

Come along and explore with me the softer side of comtemporary design.

This bedroom relies on white with black accents to provide graphic interest. There is a multitude of textures, and the many layers of painted wood provide depth. A black-on-white color scheme allows the eye to rest and yet, keeps it engaged. I love the interspersed accents provided by living plants and flowers.

This bedroom boasts dramatic canopy beds and natural, homey accents. The beds are an update of an old country classic. The backdrop is such a soft shade of cream that it easily welcomes the bold black pieces, as well as the textured elements.

In this living room I am drawn to the juxtaposition of contemporary pieces against classic Victorian architecture. The simple lines of the furniture allow the architectural details to stand out. Notice that voluptuous glass bottle in front of the fireplace!

In this bedroom grayed-greens and taupes form the neutral base for soft, white accents. I like the sleek bed paired with the leggy, wooden settee and side tables.

These greens here are more electrified than in the last image, but with the white and dark wood, they still manage to be serene. The bed is the star of the room, and looks incredibly inviting to me.

This room is all about comfort and softness. The bed coverlet, curtains, glass-topped table, side chair, and floor covering are all about texture, rather than color. This is a room made for sleeping in on weekend mornings! I adore everything about it!

This room is even more countrified than the rest, but I include it here for the simplicity of the decor. White and natural wood, with great light--- it doesn't get any more basic than that. The sheers hung from the canopy add a note of romance to nourish your dreams.

As you can see, modern design elements can fit quite nicely into natural, neutral decorating schemes.
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  1. I love that living room with just the ottomans and the fur on top dreamy and even if you wanted to be in the country this setting says country modern chic it could be on a farm or a Manhattan apt.Thanks for sharing.


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