Thursday, March 11, 2010

One of my favorite things...

image: living, etc
I am madly in love with attic bedrooms! There is nothing quite like creeping up the stairs, to the tip-top of the house and sliding into a bed beneath the eaves... especially on a rainy night. Few other rooms carry the charm of an attic that has been converted to sleeping space. They have all the cozy snug-ness of a child' s blanket fort, but with the permanence of a fortress. Ceilings are low and oddly angled, which just serves to intensify that effect. Furnishings are simple and sparse, and a low bed under the rafters speaks softly to the rest of the room.
Come along and indulge me in a tour of attic sleeping spaces.

image: costal living

This guest room is so sweet, with its palette of pale blues and whites. The proportion of the bedside trunk allow it to fit perfectly below the window sill. All structural lumber has been painted white. Notice the contrast of the textured bedding against the smooth floor. The lamp adds a note of femininity.

image: living, etc.

This seems to me to be a classic tudor attic, with its half-timbered walls and wide floor boards. A shaggy rug and fresh green throw add some warmth and texture. The bed is kept simple and unassuming. Shades of apple green here pair splendidly with natural wood tones.

image: costal living

This is, perhaps, the bedroom of my dreams. The architecture of the space itself, with the painted rafters, abundant natural light, and dark, plank flooring just sends me. The gossamer bed curtains appeal to my romantic side. And there is a delightful mix of materials, from wood to wicker to the matelaisse bedspread.

image: living, etc.

Another half-timbered sleeping space. This one reminds me of a Parisian penthouse because of the tones of the wood and the style of the door. I love the fluffy bedcover and the landscape painting above the bed. The ultra-modern lamp is an unexpected touch.

image: living, etc.
Lastly, I have an uber-contemporary sleeping nook. It is quite spartan, but the angles of the space just draw me in. I like the light suspended from the peak. I would steal away to this spot to read and rest when the world becomes too much.
When I design my new home in the woods, it will contain bedrooms beneath the eaves, complete with sloped and angled ceilings; painted, exposed framing; wide-plank floorboards; and double-hung, three-over-one windows. The lovely rooms here will serve as inspiration.
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