Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring fresh

The time has come to bring the freshness of spring into our interior spaces. Cranking open the casements is always my first step. Today it was warmer outside than in, and so I couldn't wait to let the spring air chase away the last traces of winter across the oak floor boards. I always appreciate the ritual of changing our my winter-colored accents for those with a lighter, springtime touch.
The following rooms give me some ideas and inspiration for this annual process. Come and take a look.
image: better homes and gardens
This living room shouts a welcome to spring, with exuberant florals and touches of turquoise and seafoam. Notice how a few cheerful accents can make a room speak a completely different language.

image: better homes and gardens
There are no non-whites in this room, and so it looks fresh and carefree all year long, but I included it here just for that reason. Therein lies the beauty of an all-white palette. It remains perfect through all seasons of the year.

image: living, etc
The simplicity of this room appeals to me. I would add a tall vase of cherry blossoms to bring some springtime color and life to the space.

image: living, etc
This graceful room offers a glorious spot to bask in the sunshine. I love the silouhette of the chairs and how their edges seem a bit frayed.

image: living, etc
A peek into this living space reveals a slipcovered sofa, a mishmash of pillows and a painted truck. These are classic furnishings any time of the year.

The message today is to lighten up, to simplify, and to let the greening of the earth provide a wellspring of inspiration for your home. Spring finally seems to be here, and I am overjoyed by that!

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