Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our remodeled kitchen...

Three years ago we undertook a remodeling of our patched together kitchen. This endeavor was exhaustive and challenging, as everything except the plumbing and walls was replaced...and my husband and I did it all ourselves, with a little help from our close friend, Country Bob. I have assembled some before and after shots for your viewing pleasure.

Come along and have a look.

Before: The kitchen had its original 1960's, site-built cabinets. They were poorly designed and constructed, but we managed to make the best of what we were given for 12 years. We had bought new appliances and laid some ceramic tile back in 1996. We had installed open shelves to provide a bit more storage space. And we added free-standing pieces to increase work space. In this photo, Steve and Bob, are tearing out the old cabinetry.

During: Look at that wall... so yucky!

AFTER: Drum roll, please...

We pried up the old tiles (what a horrendous job that was!) and laid new ones in a neutral, dirt-masking beige. We installed new cabinetry and countertops. All the cabinets are maple, although some have a natural finish and others have a pickled finish.

We built half-walls and a colonnade to provide a dramatic separation between kitchen and living room. The tile backsplash was something I designed to look like a patchwork of stone. There is a similar one surrounding the tub in one of our bathrooms. This kind of attention to detail gives the whole house continuity. The countertop to the left of the range is granite to provide a smooth surface for rolling out dough.

You can see some open shelving in the corner and how the backsplash travels around the room. We installed new lighting all around. There is one ceiling fan in the center of the room and task-lighting above the sink and countertops. All lights have dimmer switches, a feature I would recommend for every room in the house. At night, when dimmed, these lights resemble softly glowing candles.

I have mentioned in previous posts how fond I am of open shelving, beadboard and white dishes. These were a must for me!

The countertops are maple butcherblock. I was drawn to them for their durability and old-fashioned look. They require a bit of maintainance, but are actually quite easy to deal with.

The south-facing window lets in a ton of light and provides views of the flower gardens out back.

The pantry cabinet has been a godsend for keeping us organized. You can see a glimpse of the dining room beyond.

A note of interest: the majority of the natural maple cabinets were salvaged from my brother-in-law's house after his kitchen was remodeled. We supplemented them with Kraftmaid cabinetry in a pickled finish to appease my desire for some white cabinets. I'd like to paint them all, but that is still a topic under discussion!

Our kitchen is still not quite finished. There is crown molding waiting to be installed and some toe kick in a couple of places needs to be put in too. It is getting close though, and I am pleased with how it has turned out. This room is unbeatable for functionality and storage.
Thanks for coming along on this journey through our remodel.
Until next time...

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  1. It is so pretty. I lOve your natural palette. That stone(for your backsplash) makes my heart melt. You really do decorate in a way that I am drawn to. I've been returning to a natural palette myself...whites, beige(sand), grey(stone and driftwood), greens(water), deep dark brown(woods), and touches of black(Paris). You inspire me! So thankful you found me.


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