Monday, April 12, 2010

Calm and pretty (and lots of kitties)

I have been working in my bedroom. Gone are the heavy quilts of winter. Gone are the warm-toned, patterned fabrics. Lightness is what I am craving these days... and freshness. I have draped the bed in my antique linen and crocheted cotton coverlet. This is so luxurious to sleep beneath. It has a texture and a terrific weight to it. And it breathes, which is a necessity for me, as I am plagued by night sweats (ugh!), but that is a post for another time. So, my bedroom has embraced its feminine side and is not ashamed to show it! Come take a peek.

The tray of flowers and found jars (from yesterday's post) travels well and took its place on my dresser for a few moments. The antique dresser is painted the same shade as the walls, so it remains unobtrusive. The dresser's curves have always charmed me.

The beloved coverlet. When I bought this, all the linen panels were torn. I replaced them with inserts cut from tablecloths. It was a cheap and easy fix.

Detail of a crochet section. These lenghts of needlework give the piece some weight, which I love.

Max rests in the sun. I can't resist cute kitty pictures! Quilted shams and a matelaisse spread covering the headboard add more texture.

Another dresser shot. I made the corona above the bed from voile curtains and a wooden knitting hoop (not sure it is called) and suspended it from the ceiling. A silk lantern hangs from the center and provides illumination for bedtime reading.

A sparkly chandelier on a dimmer switch adds instant romance.

This is a photo taken by my daughter of an abandonned house. It hangs prominently in my bedroom. I clipped the photo to a wire that is attached on the back of the frame. The frame was originally bright gold, but as you can see, white paint was the way to go. I like the spookiness of the photo with the whimsical presentation.

And here we have Whiskers, Igby, and Kitty, all basking in the morning sun. Aren't they sweet?

For me, it is all about lightening up these days. I am even contemplating losing the floral shams. Which do you prefer on the pillows--- white or floral? My daughter commented that my palette keeps getting paler, and she's right. It is about time... I have waited for so very long to embrace my love of whites. There is no stopping me now!
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  1. Bonjour Anna! Very relaxing your bedroom as the rest of your home. So peaceful...
    Have a lovely week,

  2. Anne~
    I am Oooing over your romantic bedroom...we are very similar in how we decorate. I hear often that my cottage is so white and empty, but beautiful. I just like it that way...simple and uncluttered...and yours is the same. I like both the all whites and the touch of floral. I have an antique creamy white dresser similar to yours. Mine is from my childhood. And I used to have a Mosquito net above our bed at our cottage before Sea Cottage, but decided not to hang it here to keep it even simplier. I saved it for in the gardens. I can't believe you made yours! With the silk lantern in the middle it is like something you would see in a movie. Breathtaking beauty...I lOvE your blog and Naturel Cottage. ox~ Fairmaiden

  3. Hi Anne ...Nice to meet you and your blog!
    Love how you fixed the panels on your bedspread...
    Your Chandy is great and I think We have the same pillow shames...
    Mine are on a wicker chair in my summer porch.
    Love white and very muted pastels...
    enjoyed looking through your older posts.

    Stop over when time allows ...Love to get to know you better.
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. It looks great, I love that mirror

  5. Gorgeous, and so serene. You are so talented.


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