Friday, April 23, 2010

Enchanting, romantic bedrooms

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been enchanted with canopied beds. Back then it was little rosebud prints against a white background that really did it for me. Mine was ruffled and printed with blue roses. Naturally, my style has grown up along with me. These days I prefer simple lengths of gauzy mosquito netting or sheer voile in the palest of shades. They seem to float above the bed, giving the illusion that the bed might just drift off on a passing cloud or sail on the breeze to far-off lands and distant times. In my dreams, the bed always has a veil draped over it.

There is a hint of mystery associated with a canopy, along with a sense of safe enclosure from the outside world. All one's cares are left at the bedroom's threshhold. With swaths of fabric to engulf the sleeper, the bed becomes a world unto itself.

Come with me and let your imagination soar. These images from Marie Claire Maison will leave you spellbound.

Notice how sweetly the light is filtered here.

This bed becomes completely enclosed by its canopy. Letting down the flap would be a pleasurable part of my bedtime ritual.

I could imagine waking gently in this room to the streaming sunlight and a creamy cocoon around me.
I like that the ornate bed in this opulent room is quite simply dressed.

The minimalist approach can still be cozy and friendly, as seen here.

As I retire for the night, I will keep these bedrooms in my mind's eye, ensuring myself the sweetest of dreams. Wishing you a blissful night.

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  1. I'm in awe...those first two are captivating...these are dreamy. Thank you for reminding me of my own childhood with the rosebud canopy bed...I had one too.

  2. Hi Anne,
    Gorgelous beds and pictures!
    I've always dream with one as well until the day my hubby surprised me on our 13th Aniversary!
    I still have to put up the top, but even the way it is right now I love it!
    I hope your dream may come true like mine did!
    Wishing you a lovely and warm weekend!

  3. wow - those are stunning - really dreamy...

  4. Oh Anne,
    You have really found some beautiful images of canopied beds. Thay are all beautiful. I expect that you would need a pretty big room for some of them !!
    My sister has a four poster bed in her spare room and we sleep in there when we stay. Hers is alittle more trsditional with Toile de Jouy drapes and bedspread. It's lovely to sleep in and we feel like one of the King and Queens of England !!
    Have a lovely weekend, Anne. XXXX

  5. beautiful, romantic and i love just the simple white bedding!

  6. I share your love for mosquito netting! I first purchased a net while in grad school. I had an upstairs room with three giant windows. I painted the walls a very light green and had all-white bedding. I always felt I was living in the most romantic of tree houses and loved to snuggle into my little white cocoon.

  7. GORGEOUS.....I had a canopy bed as a little girl. It was a present for my 9th b-day from the Sear's Roebuck company {French provincial suite}. The canopy and bedspread were purple roses againsts a white favorite color! I agree with you, today I would lean towards mosquito netting type fabric draping down around the bed. Oh so very DREAMY!! xx P&H

  8. I love them all!!So beautiful...Kathy

  9. Such gorgeous beds! We have a 4 poster bed and I'm trying to find just the right fabirc to drap over :) Enjoy your day!


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