Saturday, April 3, 2010

My idea of the perfect day off...

Weekends are made for relaxation. They provide a chance to catch one's breath from the hectic workweek, a chance to slow down and allow the hours to slip idly by. Today I have gathered some images from Costal Living to remind myself to make the time to just relax and let the world do as is pleases. Relaxation is the best friend of inspiration. Ideas need time to germinate and grow. It is in moments of perfect calm that this process unfolds.

My ideal day off begins with a good cup of French roast coffee and a lovely breakfast with plenty of fresh fruit, hearty toast and a glass of kefir. I peruse the latest issue of my favorite magazine while sipping my java and pondering how to spend the day.

I invest some time working out in the garden on this ideal day, pulling some weeds (one can never get away from them), dividing perennials, planting pots of annuals for bursts of color.

Then the time comes for a mid-morning cup of tea on the porch. Morning sunlight is a treat to bask in, as it is less harsh than later in the day. I soak up the sun's goodness and feel the breeze on my face.

Here is a perfect spot for an afternoon spent with a captivating novel. With a few moments of quiet, I am transported across time and space to the limits of my imagination. After awhile, my eyes grow tired, and I allow them to close ever so gently. Drifting off to sleep is pure bliss.

Dinner includes fresh veggies, simple greens, a light sea food pasta, a glass of pinot grigio, and a fruit tart for dessert. My favorite guests are assembled round the table.

A long soak in the bathtub drains away any remaining tension. Ideally it is raining softly outside, so I crack the window and listen to the falling rain while steam billows around me.

Sleepy and sweetly scented, I climb into a freshly made bed. I light a candle or two and share some pillow talk with my sweetie. The rains continue to sprinkle gently over the land. I drift off to sleep and slide into my dreams.
Just writing about this perfect day, makes me feel relaxed. Perhaps it is time to go find a comfy spot on the sofa and put my feet up awhile. I hope this inspires you to take some time for yourself this weekend. I know you deserve it!
Until next time...


  1. My favorite kind of weekend. The Coastal Living pics are ones I have not seen yet...and i get the magazine! Love them.

  2. Hello! Reading of your perfect day has relaxed me so much! Thank you. Francesca from Italy

  3. Thank you, ladies! Here it is Tuesday, and I am already longing for Saturday and a day of relaxation like the one I described. I always love to hear from you! :)


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