Monday, April 19, 2010

My creamy white bathroom

My bathroom is a study in neutrals. The classic cottage elements blend well with a variety of accessories and finishes. We remodeled this room on the cheap about 10 years ago, reusing the fixtures that were present to keep costs down. They are not what I would choose were I starting from scratch, but they are functional and not that offensive to my sensibilities.

Let's take a tour.

The door was salvage that came from the basement in my grandmother's 1860's house. It probably sat down there since the 1950's when she and my grandpa purchased the house. I love its weathered patina. The creamy ceramic floor tile matches the ivory fixtures. The shower curtain came from Urban Outfitters and was chosen by my daughter. Its graphic quality and bare trees are what allures me.

Here is the reverse side of the door. The wood grounds the creamy space and ties in with the dark accent pieces, such as iron hooks.

A simple white coated metal shelving unit holds bins for storgage and bathroom necessities.

A piece of Victorian salvage becomes a wall shelf for pretty storage and display. Black and white architectural photos add decorative punch.

Here is the beadboard I adore. That was a must. I strongly dislike the faucet, and can't wait to replace it!

A resale shop cabinet rests atop the toilet and holds some creamware items and shells. The black and white photo was taken by my daughter a few years ago.

The mirror was a yard sale find that I painted to blend in. There is another black and white photo and more metal accent pieces.

A parting shot reveals the dents and wear marks on the door. The knob and plate are original and fit the room perfectly.

Paint and natural materials work wonders in a small space like this one. Even the cheap fixtures look okay with the rest of the cottage elements to take the spotlight. The salvage gives the bathroom that aged feeling I so desperately crave in a house.

Thanks for joining me on thie tour of the smallest room in the house.

Until next time...



  1. It looks wonderful and, the shower curtain is a stroke of genius ! It really lifts it. I love the old door, the Victorian shelf, the black and white photographs..... everything.
    I really like your bathroom.
    Have a great week, Anne. XXXX

  2. That door is amazing it really makes your whole bathroom! Hope your day is wonderful!

  3. How lovely Anna!!!! Creamy White is just perfect, hum?
    I love your bathroom!!!! So beautiful...
    Have a lovely week!
    Li :-)

  4. Your bathroom is lovely. I'm in love with the old door and knob, as well as your shower curtain...great choice. It's amazing what you can do inexpensively with good ol' creativity. Have a wonderful day. : ) Carrie

  5. I love your bathroom!
    Especially the door and the shower curtain!
    Short of a basement with more fabulous doors from your grand mother (how amazing that you have it!) I am now jumping across to Urban Outfitters to see if they can ship a shower curtain just like that to Australia.
    I am a HUGE tree lover!

    xx Charlotta


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