Sunday, April 11, 2010

Simple pleasures: Sunday Tea

Taking tea on the patio is one of the simple pleasures of my life. Today the weather is perfect-- sunny, 70 degrees, not too breezy. As spring progresses, my back yard becomes completely enclosed by shrubbery and low trees. This is where I rest after a morning spent tackling weeds and moving plants around. It is where I read and doze on a cushy chaise on lazy afternoons. It is also where I retreat on warm evenings with a glass of wine and oodles of candles, which give the garden an otherworldly glow. Only those I really like may join me.

And today, you are cordially invited.

The table is set with Lefton and Johnson Brothers china. Quilts are quickly becoming my favorite tablecloths. They add so much charm, especially in an outdoor space. A pitcher of raspberry zinger iced tea awaits.

A bouquet of wild sweet William serves as the centerpiece. The patio provides ringside seating for the flower garden, which is at its peak in high summer.

My ferns came back outside today after the long winter. I know they will be so much happier now!

Simple pleasures are the best. Make it your mission today to find the simple pleasures in your life and embrace them. You will be glad you did!

Until next time...



  1. Dear Anne,
    I'll be right there and will bring some scones and some shortbread. It looks delightful, and just the place to sit on a warm, late afternoon and have some tea.
    I love the idea of quilts as tablecloths.
    Do you have to bring your ferns in over the winter ? Our garden is full of ferns and hostas and they are fine in the ground , all year.
    Have a lovely week. XXXX

  2. I really wish I could join you for tea, splendid location...
    hugs xxx


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