Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A room with a mood

Today I am thinking about moods. In my profession, I am a student and observer of moods. Many of the people who seek my help are troubled by a mood state from which they cannot emerge. Our moods encompass the emotions we face at any given time of the day, our cognitions, our perceptions, and also our ability to function within the framework created by that state of mind. Emotions are more fleeting and maleable than mood.

In a decorating scheme, the accent pieces are like the feelings, while the dominant color, texture, lighting, number of pieces, style of furnishings all come together to create the mood of a room. Having recently emerged from a delicious afternoon nap, I am feeling a bit dreamy, craving softness. All these rooms from House 2 Home capture the essence of what I am feeling at present. Come take a peek.

This one says it best. It is all is about softness here. I am reminded of a lullaby, quietly hummed by a loving parent.

Though not as cushy as the last room, the soothing tones evoke the same serenity. Touches of pale blue allow one's thoughts to float on the breeze.

The curves and comfort of the sofa and chair invite one to linger and enjoy a steaming cup of white tea. The quiet color scheme takes a step back, so as not to compete with one's daydreams.

With aged elements, a strong outdoor connection and plush furnishings, this room beckons to romance.

The pairing of creamy whites and shades of beige make me want to curl up with a bowl of popcorn and watch Chocolat.

Outside my home there is the rumble of thunder; a storm is gathering. Perhaps I will adjourn to the porch to watch its arrival. I am in just that kind of mood.

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  1. I like all of these rooms and moods they give...I believe 'calm' is the mood I try to create in Sea Cottage...though I do have one room the ~Tea Rose Room~ that has a sprinkling of shabby roses for cheer.

  2. Did you know you can change your top bar, the navigation bar, to clear, white, beige, silver, or black? I thought your blog would look more lovely with one of those choices rather than blue.

  3. Oh so soothing. I'm so craving one of these rooms right now, but alas I have kids and lots of pets, I can't see anything white lasting very long around here. I love your blog, I always feel so serene when I come to visit. Take Care, Carrie

  4. Oh, these picutes put me in dream land! Have a wonderful weekend!


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