Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fern love

Ferns have always been a source of delight for me. Perhaps it is their steadfast greenness or the filigree of their fronds or maybe even the company they keep (hostas, astilbes). They also thrive in the relative coolness of deep shade, a place I seek out in the stifling summer heat. Whatever the reason, ferns bring me joy. I am convinced that a ferny glade is where colonies of fairies dwell.

As you may know by now, I have a propensity for taking natural motifs and using them in my decorating schemes. My bedroom is a place where the fern reigns as queen among the linens. Two years ago I was inspired by an issue of Country Home to paint my old desk and assemble a corner that pays homage to this primitive, but elegant, form of plant life. Ferns were widespread when dinosaurs roamed the earth. They evolved along with cycads (like palms) and gymnosperms (like gingkos) eons ahead of flowering plants.

The desk is painted a greyish cream, called "urban putty", from Sherwin Williams. I drew and cut stencils out of cardboard, which I then painted on with artist acrylic paints. The desk is serving as a bedside table in this small room.

Fronds picked from the garden this morning and pressed into floating frames continue the theme.

A chair from the garden brings more of the outdoors in.

A close up of some of my other favorite things--- rocks and balls of string.

Detail of drawer fronts.

Bamboo shades and simple curtains blend with the natural elements.

The top of the bookcase holds more of the same... glass, natural objects, and ferns.

I find all the textures and colors and nature-inspired accents to be quite restful, making them perfect for a bedroom.

Here is the inspiration for my desk from April 2008 Country Home magazine. I would love to have wicker covered bottles like the ones shown here to use as vases or even just to hang on the wall.

Another image from that article on using ferns in decorating. I had been pressing plants long before seeing this article. That was a skill I mastered back in my days as a botany student. Pale greens and white are a classic combination any time of the year.

Wishing you a joyful spring day, filled with thoughts as green and tender as an unfurling frond.

Until next time...



  1. Hi Anne, looks so pretty! I also love ferns.Have a great day...Kathy

  2. Hi Anne,
    I think that I told you that our garden faces North so, we have so many ferns and hostas. They are great favourites of mine. Our house is Victorian and the Victorians loved their ferns. XXXX

  3. It turned out wonderful. Bringing nature indoors is something I crave too.

  4. Hi Anne! I tried leaving you a comment last night, but blogger was giving me FITS {or maybe it was just ME??} Any-hoo, I just LOVE your fern motif and was wondering....WHERE did you find the bamboo shade? Something similar would be great in my master re-do, as I want to pull in more nature....leaves.....birds and feel like I'm up in the tree tops! Thanks for the inspiration!
    xx P&H


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