Friday, April 16, 2010

Wild Sweet William

As I have mentioned before, I am charmed by old-fashioned, common names for flowers. One of the most enchanting of all is wild sweet William also known as wild blue phlox (phlox divaricata). This species is native to the eastern US. It grows abundantly in my woods and is a showstopper in my backyard. This year it is simply breathtaking, all that blue. It seems to glow just before the sun sets in the evening and on days like today, when a rain is expected. Phlox also has a sweet but quiet aroma that is tantilizing when plants are grouped en masse.

I have some photos from my garden taken this afternoon to share with you. The phlox are reaching their peak.

This flower bed contains shade lovers like hosta, ferns, astilbe, bluebells (which are now fading), and, of course, tons of phlox.

The solarium plays host to the shade garden. Virginia creeper has begun its yearly ascent up the walls. I have always wanted an ivy covered cottage. Each year it becomes closer to my ideal.

Phlox make wonderful cut flowers. They are long lasting and smell heavenly. I love how they look against a white backdrop.

My tray of found jars now plays host to a smattering of phlox. I plan to fill it with whatever is in season each week this year. You will see it many times over with different blooms to add life and color.

Let yourself be charmed by the simple gifts of nature, and be prepared to welcome abundance into your life.

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  1. Really pretty Anne! I love phlox and yours are so big!


  2. "phlox also has a sweet but quiet aroma"...I like that.

  3. Hi, i love your garden. The flowers look so pretty in all the jars....Kathy

  4. Natural effectiveness is too much important to give an awesome look to home.

  5. Hi Anne.
    I love flowers and I have such amazing times in Sweden strolling around the windy roads of the countryside picking bouquets of wild flowers.
    These, sweet Williams remind me of that.

    I love how sheer they are and they look fantastic in the multiple vases on the coffee table!

    Also thank you for popping in today. I am so glad you keep on coming back to my little world. I am fascinated and so interested in your take on life, psychology & design.

    I look forward to continuing to getting to know you better.

    Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

    xx Charlotta


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