Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sprucing up the entry

Entry ways set the tone for the entire house. My house lacks a proper entry, something that has always bothered me. There is really no way to carve a formal one out of the small space, so I attempt to define it with furniture placement and specialty objects, like coat trees and key hooks. The other problem with the entry is really a self-imposed one. We have a massive, reddish-stained antique cabinet that I can't bear to part with. It was purchased it 12 years ago, and it has served us well in that time. The cabinet was salvaged from a house being torn down. It was originally part of the butler's pantry. Some day, when we build our dream home, I would like to put it back to its original use. For now, it resides in my entry where it holds center stage.

Next to the kitchen, this is the busiest spot in the house. It sees the most foot traffic and is where everything gets dropped upon entering the house. In that capacity, it also collects things that don't belong. Today, I reclaimed the entry as a welcoming and decorative space. All things that belong elsewhere have been put in their rightful places. Now I will be greeted with a lovely vignette each time I walk through the door. That is something to smile about!
The large cabinet is topped by a heavy and huge mirror. The mirror reflects the entire room and bounces light from the French doors all around.

The few items atop the cabinet provide textural interest. I change these seasonally. The terracotta urn and capital speak to me of gardening season.

The potted plant with tuteur furthers the garden connection.

The view from across the room. It makes me smile from over here also!

Sprucing up seems to be a common theme in the blogosphere lately. You all have inspired me to do some of my own, and I am quite appreciative!

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  1. You have more of an entry way than I do. It is warm and inviting and I too like the view into your living room. The glass bottles on the tray are charming...cheers my heart.

  2. Hi Anne, I loved the last photo of the little bottles and the wonderful slipped chair, so pretty!

    xx kelley

  3. You have created a sense of entry. That cabinet is incredible! I love how you have staged it. Very charming.


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