Saturday, April 17, 2010

A soft glow

Nothing says romance quite like candlelight. And here I don't mean romance in the heaving- busom-kind-of-way. I am refering to romance in the way of feeling your most alive and connected to life. Last night the house was quiet. My husband and daughter were out for the night. I did what I often do when home alone in the evening--- I lit some candles and bathed in the glow. A quietude began to permeate not just the house, but my being. There was no need to tend to anything at that moment. I had nothing to do except to just be and take in sensory deatils. I noticed the way the light spilled across the ebony stained piano. I heard the tree frogs in their nightly song. I felt the softness of the cat purring on my lap. There is real beauty in moments of stillness. When we allow ourselves to embrace the most essential states of life-being and breathing-- we allow the heart to open to everything that is.
I tried to capture what the house was like at that very moment in time. Light danced with all the shiny and sparkly objects in the room. Candlelight is elusive when the camera comes out to play. This is the best I could do.

I love how the light picked up the strand of crystals hanging from the chandelier and how the old mirror bounces it around.

Even humble onions look regal when encased in glass and adorned in candlelight. The antlers comprise a free-form sculpture.

A softness pervades.

May you take the time to carve some romance out of ordinary moments of life. All it takes is a little something beyond the usual, at an opportune time, to create a transcendental beauty in your world and within your soul.

Until next time...



  1. Hi Anne, it looks so very lovely! We all need those quiet times....Kathy

  2. Just gorgeous Anne...I love the moments..when you have the place all to yourself! Candles are a definite must in my them! x

  3. Glad you were able to have such a time of peace and beauty.

    I have had tea candles lit all weekend in tiny mason jars...I took pictures too...but they turned out very dark also. I may still post them sometime.

    We do not hear the frogs yet, nor the coyotes howling, but crickets are singing.


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