Saturday, April 10, 2010

When Tuscany met Texas

Yesterday I bought the latest issue of House Beautiful from the newsstand. Since some of my favorite magazines (Cottage Living and Country Home, to name a couple) went out of publication last year, I have been needing a regular decorating fix, and can't seem to settle on a single magazine to satisfy that need. So I shop around. Sometimes I find a house or two that embody what I am looking for in various sources, like Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Renovation Style, but rarely am I smitten in the way I was with my former sources of inspiration. Those were the days... But, much to my surprise, I am anything but disappointed with this latest House Beautiful. What a fantastic issue! Every single house featured in its pages has elements I love, but today I am showing you my favorite of the bunch.

This is a newly-built house in Houston, but I would swear it was air-lifted straight out of the Tuscan countryside. There are gorgeous reclaimed materials-stone, tile, wood, shutters, doors- throughout. It has a sophistication that is approachable and comfortable, and yet it remains deeply rooted the serene. Come take a look.

These reclaimed shutters were originally 10 feet tall, but were scaled down to fit the window here.

Glorious stone everywhere!

And brick work arches to frame the views. The refrigerators are covered in zinc to allow them to blend in.

Plaster and old beams play a supporting role to the ornate furnishings.

There is so much wonderful texture here, and the subtle colors are dictated by the rug.

A dreamy bedroom to soothe one's daytime anxieties away.

The blue shutters wear their original paint. They contrast beautifully with the sprakly chandelier.

The soaring staircase makes a grand statement.

And a covered patio with more stonework to complete the scene.

A most beautiful house indeed! All those aged finishes have me swooning.
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  1. Oh yes - I have seen these and particularly love the shutters!! Have kept this house in my treasure chest file - great find!

    xx Charlotta

  2. I love every one of those spaces. I especially love the outdoor fireplace, it's on my wish list for my home. Your home is so gorgeous, and all of your pets are precious. Take Care, Carrie

  3. Dear Anne,
    Well, this is everything that I love. The shutters ( I have a BIG thing about shutters. We have solid Victorian shutters upstairs in our Victorian home and dowmstairs, we have wooden plantation shutters in the two front rooms. I LOVE THEM )I really love the whole house.
    Have a lovely new week. XXXX

  4. Exceptional house! Love the muted old colors!

  5. Me too!!! I am just loving this magazine. It is my first time purchasing it...are they not all so lovely? The pic of the blue shutters with encoved window and chandie is one of my favorites.

    Is it okay if I post a lil something about you and how I've just found your blog including a link to you? Could I use one of the pics of your lovely cottage in featuring you? I'm just so thankful I've found you and am enjoying your friendship.


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