Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Touches of spring (inside and out)

Today I have been busy spreading spring-y touches throughout the house. Just little grace notes here and there to honor this season of renewal.

Pure white daffodil stems in old glass bottles add life to the mantel. The starfish hints at what is yet to come.

More daffodils adorn the top of the piano. The modern silouhettes of the white ceramic vases contrast nicely with the antique mirror, I think.

This is an assemblage of found objects decorates the porch. Most of these items were unearthed from old dump piles (affectionately known around our house as "bottle gardens") in our woods.

A view of the Naturel cottage from the parking area. Potted evergreens are one of my newer loves. They add color in winter and structure year round. Some of these, like the spiral junipers, were picked up from Lowe's end of the season clearance for 75% off.

The front porch is set for a mid-morning snack. Quince blossoms and floral pillows add some fresh coral notes. On gorgeous spring days, we live on the porch.

And lastly, just for fun...

Here is Celi, our Australian shepherd, who loves to follow me around when I am snapping photos. She looks so pretty in the morning light. The front porch is her favorite spot also.

I hope this will inspire you to bring some touches of spring into your own home. Even if you don't have flowers in your yard, budding branches will do well. Seasonal editing and rearranging of decorative accents can work wonders also. Experiment with different composition, color, texture and scale... afterall, that is the best part!
Until next time...

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  1. Hi, i love your beautiful home!!I love how you decorated your porch, and piano.Looks so pretty....Kathy


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