Sunday, April 4, 2010

A enchanting cottage by the sea...

There is something about a cottage by the sea that appeals to the romantic in me. I see myself climbing down hillsides to gather bouquets of wildflowers, walking in the surf at dusk, throwing pebbles into the vast, sweeping ocean. I picture myself seated at a window, staring out to the horizon, writing the poetry of my soul and letters to those both near and departed. Strains of lush and searing piano provide the soundtrack to this reverie.

This cottage seems to belong in a fairy tale. It rises up from the rocky, windswept shore as if it were created from somewhere deep within the earth's crust. The structure is composed entirely of stone and wood and seems at once ancient and eternal.

Arches abound to frame the views. Stone continues through the graden.

I think I will take my tea here, thanks.

Such incredible windows throughout the house! Even the light fixtures are perfectly in keeping with the stunning architecture.

This cottage embraces its inherent connection to the landscape around it.

I will bring one of Jeanette Winterson's novels out here to provide literary accompaniment to the sound of the surf.

Anyone for breakfast on the terrace? The one downside to staying here... I would never want to leave!

Today I am not feeling well (recurrent respiratory infection). Sometimes images that speak to the soul and spark the imagination actually help to soothe my weary body. One can always dream, right? No matter what the reality of the situation. All images today come from Costal Living.

Take a few moments to indulge your own need for reverie. May these pictures and words inspire you.

Until next time...


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  1. Dear Anne, thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your comment. I'm really sorry about your loss, very sad things happen in these times but since I believe in God, I encourage you not to loose your faith, soon things will change better and your grief will not be forgotten. You do best in getting distracted in this way, you have to take care about yourself now. And I love your blog very much.

    You already entered for the giveaway so I wish you goodluck!!!!

    A great hug from me,


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