Thursday, April 29, 2010

Garden vignettes

For the past two days, I have spent most of my waking hours in the garden. My hands ache from all the weed pulling and edging around the beds. There are 10 flower beds in my yard, so the chores never end! I am hosting a partial tour of the garden today (with more to come tomorrow). Please join me as I point out the highlights and current attractions of my garden.

Here we are outside the front fence looking in.

Celi is waiting at the gate. She just loves company (sometimes she loves them too much)! A grapevine cut from the woods forms an arbor over the gate. I recently planted a pink and white clematis to twine around it.

Tea light lanterns hang from the grapevine to welcome guests at night. More lanterns grace the porch.

The fledgling clematis is beginning its ascent.

A close up of the planting in the front bed shows daylilies, roses, irises, and ribbon grass.

Peach and burgundy irises and chives are reaching their peak. Also visible are shasta daisies, blazing stars, daylilies, and some self-seeded virginia creeper.
Detail of bearded iris.

View from the front porch. Beyond the little drive lies an acre lawn and our woods, barely visible in the background.

The gate at the side garden. A bank of thriving 'patriot' hostas graces the base of an ash tree.

The east side patio. A sprawling ash holds court behind the sitting area. Winter creeper and virginia creeper cover its dual trunks.

Random pretties upon an rustic table.

From the back yard looking toward the sitting area. The area is bordered by a semicircle of yew bushes that one day will grow together to enclose the space. It will be my very own secret garden!

Another clematis in the back yard. This color is just gorgeous and the blooms are several inches wide.

Well ladies, that is it for today. I hope you have enjoyed the tour. Stay tuned for more from my garden, coming soon.
Until next time...


  1. Good Evening! YOU must be exhausted. That is a lot of garden to keep up with. I had a gardener here today to give me a quote on helping me reorganize a couple of my perennial beds gone crazy and I was bowled over by the price. So now I'm back to searching for someone else. I love all of your garden areas....rooms really...and your fence ~ oh my it's pretty. I would love to fence in our yard for Gracie Marie but it is too ungainly to contain and would cost a small fortune. That patriot hosta is amazing, as is the clematis....and the arbor....well, it's all amazing, really! I enjoyed the tour! xx P&H

    PS: I hope that your time in the garden was
    therapeutic and not just hard work : )

  2. Your gardens are like a park...with all the paths and trees and gates and flowers. The acre lawn area with woods in the background I think would be my favorite reminds me of a meadow...all thats needed is a cabbage rose quilt and toss pillows.

    I fondly admire every bit of your gardens. You are truly blessed. I will look forward to seeing more. ox~ kerrie

  3. Oh, I am so loving your blog! Great photos of your garden. Pure pleasure!

  4. Hi Anne,

    What a lovely tour. LOVE the arbor you are making out of grapevine. I love those kinds of touches in the garden. Love all the paths too. You must be on a huge lot. This week I've been really at it too. My back and hands are killing me. I have to work today but will be right back at it happily on saturday! Thanks for sharing your garden with me this morning!


  5. Thank you for the tour! I love strolling through gardens. And I enjoy creating and viewing garden vignettes.

  6. What a gorgeous setting. I dream of having a yard like this. We live in an area of newer construction so there are few mature trees and we've had to do all the landscaping in our backyard ourselves.

    It must feel rewarding to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor after spending so much time working on your yard. I'm imaging you spending a lot of time here in the coming months.


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